Deborah E Young

Expert Witness

Textile Expert Witness -- Copyright Infringement

Deborah provides textile expert witness services in copyright infringement cases involving textile design and manufacture. With more than ten years of experience and scores of successful cases for top tier retail clients, Deborah has built a reputation as a go-to expert witness for copyright and design cases. As a textile science instructor with twenty five years of experience and in-depth knowledge of historic designs and constant exposure to current trends and motifs, she is the perfect textile expert witness. Deborah provides polished expert reports, solid depositions and opinions and stimulating trial graphics that support the opinions and illuminate real differences.

  • Textile expert witness
  • Textile litigation expert
  • Copyright infringement
  • Pattern and motif research
  • Public domain research
  • Manufacturing disputes
  • Expert reports
  • Declarations
  • Depositions
  • Testimony
  • Trial graphics and presentations
  • Side-by-side comparisons
  • U.S. tariff classification (Textiles)
  • Pattern and motif research
  • Fabric construction analysis
  • Testing Lab Certified
  • Color Lab Certified 

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