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Textile Consultant. Textile Expert Witness. Textile lab manager.  Instructor. Textile Expert. Deborah Young has more than twenty years of experience in the textile world. Her comprehensive knowledge of textiles includes fiber and fabric analysis, pattern and design identification and classification, end use evaluation, and historical classification. As a textile consultant and instructor of Textile Science, Fabric Identification, and Historic Textiles, she offers a wide range of textile consultation services to a broad cross-section of industries. Deborah is the author of a successful textile science swatch/text book used in many universities in the United States.

  • Experienced textile expert witness in copyright infringement cases involving textile design. Services include depositions, trial graphics and testimony, expert reports and consultations.
  • Expertise in recognizing and analyzing the elements and styles of regional, historic and ethnic textile designs.
  • Expertise in identifying art historical movements and period textiles.
  • Experienced in lab management with testing equipment including microscopic and chemical fiber analysis, tensile strength, flammability, Martindale (abrasion) testing and many others.
  • Color management analysis that includes the Farnsworth Munsell 100, MacBeth light analysis and spectrophotometer readings.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of textile application in apparel with a focus on fabric and fiber identification, testing, performance expectations and analysis, and appropriate fabric selection for a given silhouette.
  • Each case is handled quickly and discreetly. No engagement is too small or too large.

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