Textile Expert Background



Master of Fine Arts in Fiber, California State University, Long Beach, 2001
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textile Design, California State University, Long Beach 1996
Testing Lab Certification, AATCC testing labs, North Carolina, 2012
Color Lab Certification X-Rite, 2011 


Qualifications Summary

  • 25 years as an educator.
  • Specialist in textile science, textile design, and textile history 
  • Teaching positions at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California State University at Long Beach, California State University of Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona), and Otis College of Art and Design
  • Experienced in lab management and with testing equipment including Spectrophotometers, Tensile Testing, Flame Chambers, Martindale testing and many others. 
  • Developed a series of lab and fabric management classes that assists students in textile identification and performance quality assurance using standardized testing procedures. 
  • Created color procedures and exercises to assist the student in understanding the role of color in today’s marketplace.  
  • Teaches the history of worldwide textile design covering the last 5,000 years. Also teaches cross cultural design motifs in history.  
  • Qualified art history instructor. 


Expert Witness

For more than fifteen years, I have been engaged as a textiles legal witness for issues of copyright infringement and forensic fabric identification in more than 100 matters. My services include trial graphics, expert reports, declarations, depositions and testimony. As a result of my education, teaching, and research experience, I have developed significant expertise in recognizing and analyzing the elements and styles of global textile designs. 

Textbook Author


 I authored a successful text/swatch book, currently in its fourth edition, entitled “Swatch Reference Guide for Fashion Fabrics”, published by Fairchild Publishing, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. The text is focused on the identification and application of fabrics for the fashion world. “Swatch Reference Guide for Interior Fabrics” is also available. 

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