Textile Expert Witness


Copyright Infringement

 Deborah has provided expert witness services in more than 100 copyright infringement cases involving textile design. 


The Go-To Expert

 With more than fifteen years of experience and scores of successful cases for high profile clients, Deborah has built a reputation as a go-to expert witness for copyright and design cases.  


Expert Reports With Authority

 As a textile science instructor with twenty five years of experience and in-depth knowledge of historic designs and constant exposure to current trends and motifs, she is the perfect textile expert witness. Deborah provides polished expert reports, solid depositions and substantive trial graphics that support the opinions and illuminate real differences. 



 “We are pleased to report that the Court issued its ruling yesterday in our favor, for summary judgment.  Based on our opposition and evidence including your declaration, the Court agreed that one of the designs was not entitled to copyright protection at all, and found that registration to be invalid. The Court further found there was no infringement of any of the other 3 designs at issue in this case, and awarded summary judgment sua sponte to the defendants on all of the claims.  This is a huge result for all of the defendants in this case.” 


“…amazing victory on summary judgment. Your declaration was instrumental in achieving this victory and I wanted to personally thank you for all your efforts on this and the expert report that you put together on such short notice.” 


 “The Court's order is attached.  As you will see, the Court liked your Declaration (which was very helpful) and cited it in support of its ruling." 


 “When you read the order, you can see that the Judge really relied on your opinions and expertise. Again, great job.” 

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Because I'm an active instructor, I don't answer my phone in class. Drop me an email and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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